Our products usually have a unique design due to the artistic freedom of our craftswomen. That is why you will only find one of each model in our assortment, for example a cushion or a tunic.

However, we are aware that many of you will miss out on your favourite model. With pre-orders, we would like to make it possible for you to secure certain designs.

So products as pre-order means that you can reserve these products before they are produced in Mexico by our artisans and are in stock with us in Germany.


- you will no longer miss any of your favourite models

- often we can then take your own wishes into account so that you receive your favourite product

When is my invoice due?

As usual, the selected payment method will be charged when you complete the order process.

When will my pre-order items be shipped?

Each Pre-order item will have an estimated shipping date shown on the item page. This shipping period is tentative and may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances. We will contact you if the order status or time change.

Will other items in my order ship earlier?

No, if there is a pre-order item in your order, the rest of the items will not be dispatched until the pre-order item is available. If you would like to receive other items earlier, we recommend that you order them separately.

If you have any questions about pre-ordering, please contact us by email at info@chunigula-mexfashion.com.