We work with artisan families that come from the Chiapas region (south of Mexico). Most of the time these are women who join together and work on their products from home, in addition to housework and childcare. Often the whole family is involved, whether buying materials (cotton threads, for example) or selling the products at the market.

Our artisans come from the following regions:

  • San Christobal de las Casas
  • San Juan Chamula
  • San Andres de Larrainzar
  • Nahig
  • Zinacantan

Each of the traditional Mexican clothing is made by hand, without using machines. The fabric art varies from community to community, using different embroidery shapes, colours and weaving patterns. The wonderful fabrics with floral embroidery, geometric shapes or animal patterns reflect the nature and traditions from the indigenous people of Mexico.

From generation to generation, the techniques are carefully preserved and passed on. Sitting on the floor, cotton threads, often dyed with natural dyes, are woven row by row using a hip loom. It often takes 2-3 days to create a blouse or a dress. In the case of elaborate embroidery, the production time of a table runner, for example, can take up to several weeks.

Our goal is to maintain this unique textile art of the Mayan culture in Mexico by working with the artisan families. By considering fair trade conditions, cutting out intermedaries, we strive for a better quality of life and more justice for the women in these communities.

Our shoes and boots come from smaller artisan factories in Leon, Mexico. Even there, many steps of production are still done by hand, in the traditional way. The textiles used in the process come from Chiapas. Each piece is unique, because of the embroidery and color selection of the fabric.

Enjoy these mexican artisan clothing and home accessoires colourful treasures made with love by our artisan families.