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Our artisans


Maria makes her products by hand with her daughters. With the traditional weaving technique they work out wonderful cosmetic bags, pillows and blouses. Typical patterns for the Larrainzar region are the symbols of the Mayan culture.

Our artisans


The couple Timoteo and Margarita are designing beautiful T-Shirts with floral embroidery in Frida Kahlo style. Timoteo is drawing the design on the T-Shirt, Margarita is doing the embroidery herself with some other women from her village San Juan Chamula.

Our artisans


Maria works with a group of 20 women in Aguacatenango, Chiapas. They make traditional blouses and dresses with different flower embroideries. Days are invested in the elaboration of each garment to finish such a fine embroidery.

Our artisans


With her mum and her six siblings, Cristina handcrafts letters, bags and scarves embroidered with floral patterns. She is responsible for drawing the floral patterns, buying the materials and selling them. The embroidery is done by members of her family in Chamula.

Our artisans


Rosa sews and embroiders wonderful bag tags, small letters and Frida figures from felt. Her manual work produces delicate floral patterns in the brightest colours of Mexico.

Our artisans


Angelina works together with her relatives from Chamula. The finished sewn and embroidered animal figures and Frida bag charms get the colourful pom-pom as a finishing touch. While she sews at her stall in San Christobal, she also sells her products directly.


Our seamstresses weave the symbolism of Mayan culture into their pillows, blouses and accessories. The magnificent colours are like the nature around them. The magic of Mexico.